Personal Finance


Our personal financial services offer a comprehensive range of assistance to help clients manage their financial affairs effectively.

The following are some of the personal financial services we offer here at Willow House Advisors:

Financial Statements

Your personal balance sheet and cash flow statement are created to develop a current snapshot of your finances.

Debt Analysis*

Our advisors help clients analyze their current debts and create a strategy for managing and reducing them. This may include recommendations for consolidating high-interest debt, refinancing, or repayment strategies. This also includes the complexities of college debt analysis and repayment.

Emergency Fund Analysis

We assess the adequacy of an individual’s emergency fund, which is essential for unexpected expenses or financial emergencies. We provide guidance on how to build and maintain a suitable emergency fund.

Major Purchase Planning

This service helps clients prepare for significant expenses like buying a home, a car, or funding a child’s education. We offer advice on saving, financing options, and timing for these major purchases.

Employer Benefits Review

Assist clients in understanding and optimizing their employer-provided benefits, such as retirement plans, health insurance, and stock options, to help individuals make the most of their workplace benefits.

Financial Planning in Divorce Situations

For individuals going through a divorce, we provide support in dividing assets, understanding the financial implications of the divorce settlement, and creating a post-divorce financial plan.

*We do not offer formal debt management programs.

Our services cover a broad spectrum of financial needs, from planning for the long-term to managing immediate concerns and life changes.

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