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Your Goals must live in the heart of your Financial Plan if it is going to be built to last. We are your trusted guide in shaping a path to your successful tomorrow.

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Client-Focused Financial Planning

We’re a team of financial professionals that believe our clients are best positioned to realize their goals when engaged in a collaborative ongoing relationship, centered in dynamic planning and advocacy.

Suite of Services

We are a client-focused financial advisory firm specializing in building generational relationships. We facilitate the alignment of our client’s vision, values and objectives by creating a dynamic roadmap designed to achieve their optimal future. We work with those who value our expertise, relatable approach and holistic process–celebrating with our clients as they reach milestones and achieve their goals.

Same People, Generational Vision

As a team we have been active in the financial services industry in Pennsylvania since 1971. Originally with Wienken & Associates, which developed into the uFinancial Group, now, our team, as the firm Willow House Advisors, looks forward to serving you and those you care about for years to come.